Vasily Dolgopolov

independent Researcher
graduate of postgraduate program, State Academic University for Humanities (Moscow)
academic editor of Vox medii aevi
editor at the Great Russian Encyclopedia

Academic interests: history of knowledge, medieval Anti-Jewish polemics, medieval astronomy, scholasticism, source studies

I became a member of the editorial board of Vox medii aevi in 2016, when its restart began. I was not only the scientific editor, but also a managing editor of the issue devoted to source studies. This experience was truly precious and has greatly expanded my competence. I am sincerely grateful to my colleagues for allowing me to complete this work. Of course, my work for Vox medii aevi did not stop after the release of “Ad fontes”: I keep editing fundamentally diverse materials and am sometimes redeployed to various “combat operations”; this experience can make one a universal scientific editor. Vox medii aevi succeeded in fulfilling itself as a laboratory of academic editing (I’m sure I’m not the only one who can relate to this statement), which, of course, the journal did not expect to become. It also succeeded as an institution, again, completely uninstitutionalized, neither affiliated with any educational institution nor funded by anyone. This status certainly does not bring any material benefits, but it provides invaluable freedom of action. This feature creates an unique and fruitful atmosphere in the editorial board of Vox medii aevi, that meets society’s ever-increasing need for quality medieval content accessible for everyone. In the four years since the journal was reformatted, I think we have made significant progress. The establishment of Vox medii aevi as a full-fledged academic journal would not have been possible without the efforts of our team — it is no exaggeration to call them titanic. I am sure we are on the right track. And I am sincerely grateful to my colleagues for the opportunity to work with them.