Anna Gusakova, M.A.

Postgraduate at the Lomonosov Moscow State University

Head of the SMM department at Vox medii aevi

Academic interests: cults of saints, history of England, history of Wales, medieval Welsh hagiography, medieval Welsh literature

I was invited to become a part of the «Vox»’s team back in 2015. Then the SMM department was still quite small: the pages in the «VKontakte» and «Facebook» were led by only one person, one of the founders of the magazine. Then the baton passed to me.
Over time, the group of the editors of social media became much broader. Together we have achieved a lot: the journal became known in wide circles; the number of subscribers has grown several times. We can say that we have acquired our own style expressed in the choice of certain content that allows us to keep the academic bar. I’m sure it will only get better!