Alyona Minko

MA in History
alumna of MSU
senior editor for the updating team at the Great Russian Encyclopedia
SMM-specialist at Vox Medii Aevi

Academic interests: Alltagsgeschichte, history of food, history of table etiquette

Medieval Studies entered my life only during the university’s years, when we had lectures on the History of the Middle Ages in the second year. Since then they have firmly established themselves in my sphere of interests and do not seem to leave it. I wrote my Master’s dissertation on the topic «The English feast of the XVth century», and this theme appeals to me still.
Vox Medii Aevi has become for me a natural continuation of the growing interest in the new area – on the border between academic science and «liberal art», where it was not so hard to get in, apparently. It is encouraging to see the journal grow and draw more and more attention, especially when you are a part of this process.