Elizaveta Titova, M.A.

MA in History
alumna of MSU
senior editor for the updating team at the Great Russian Encyclopedia
SMM-specialist at Vox Medii Aevi

Academic interests: early French humanism, the Great Western Schism, history of the Gallican Church, history of the papacy


For a long time, I learned all the latest news from the world of medieval studies from “Vox medii aevi” VK-community. As soon as I saw the call for volunteers, I immediately responded and joined the team in the final year of my studies (2020) while finishing my master’s thesis on Nicolas de Clamanges. My goal is to convey the most relevant and interesting information to any reader, whether a specialist or a bored netizen who accidentally wandered over to our page, and, ideally, to entice them to stay. Just how I stayed a long time ago.