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Vox medii aevi. 2019. Vol. 1(4)

Ad fontes: Contemporary Problems of Source Studies. Part 2

Executive editor of the issue Vasily Dolgopolov; with the assistance of Evgeny Khvalkov

11–13 | Intro

Disciplina 1.2 | Ad fontes

15–48 | Veronika Kamentseva
“Oaths to Governments” in the Time of Troubles

49–85 | Vasily Dolgopolov
“Non ad disputandum, sed ad in fide catholica informandum”. Forms and Purposes of the Anti-Jewish Polemics in the Latin West, XII–XV Centuries

86–123 | Maria Sorokina
The Respiratory System of the Blessed and the Acoustics in Paradise: Commentaries on the Sentences as Sources for the History of Medieval Science


125–131 | Natalia Tarasova
Review on: Ginzburg C. The Enigma of Piero: Piero della Francesca / transl. and introd. by M. Velizhev. Moscow: Novoe Literaturnoe Obozrenie, 2019. (Intellectual History). 216 p.

132–142 | Iurii Rudnev
Review on: Casagrande C., Vecchio S. Passioni dell’anima: Teorie e usi degli affetti nella cultura medievale. Florence: SISMEL Edizioni del Galluzzo, 2015. vi + 438 p. [English]


144–156 | Nikita Karbasov
Historia Ierosolomitana of Baldric of Bourgueil: A Part of the Fourth Book (The Crusaders on the Road to Jerusalem; Introduction and Russian Translation)

157–173 | Denis Golovanenko
The Homily on the Assumption of the Virgin Mary from The Icelandic Homily Book (Introduction and Russian Translation)


175–202 | Ian Wood
Debating the Fall of Rome: from the Ancien Régime to the Creation of the Late Antiquity (Russian Translation by Olga Kabitova and Denis Sukhino-Khomenko)