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Vox medii aevi. 2019. Vol. 2(5)

How are the “Modern” Middle Ages created

DISCIPLINA 1 | Medievalism

12–42 | Aleksandr Rusanov
Medievalism Studies: How are the “Modern Middle Ages” Studied?

43–47 | Svetlana Yatsyk
To Stand on the Rock of the Word “Medievalism”

48–51 | Richard Utz
Medievalism: Whence and Whither? [English]

52–55 | Richard Utz
Medievalism: Whence and Whither? [Russian] (Translated by A. Ermolaeva)

56–72 | Richard Utz
What’s Love Got to Do with It? Our Middle Ages, Ourselves (Translated by A. Ermolaeva)

73–87 | Stanislav Mereminskiy
“The Most Memorable Date”: The Norman Conquest in English Literature of the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries

88–101 | Evgeny Koloskov
The Image of the Middle Ages in the School Education of the Western Balkan Countries at the Beginning of the 21st Century

102–126 | Victor Kotov
Jan Hus, the Hussites, and the Sokols: the Instrumentalisation of the Fifteenth-Century Events by Czech Nationalists and the Repercussions of these Actions in the Russian Empire (1862–1916)

127–149 | Yaroslav Startsev
Neo-feodalism or Neopatrimonialism? Quantitative Analysis of the “New Middle Ages” Conceptualizations in Political Science

150–167 | Anastasia Anufrieva
“Imaginary Middle Ages” in Video Games: Synchronization vs Reconstruction

DISCIPLINA 2 | “The Sixth Middle Ages”

169–178 | Mikhail Boytsov
Middle Ages — In “Reality” or only in our Consciousness?

179–191 | Andrey Vinogradov
Parallel Middle Ages: Byzantium, the medieval Caucasus (and Ancient Rus’)

192–208 | Mikhail Dmitriev
“The Middle Ages” or “Modernity”? About two Necessary Illusions, in the Context of the “Nationality” Issue

209–246 | Vasilina Sidorova
The Middle Ages through the Eyes of Russian Internet Users


248–254 | Alexander Sidorov
Review on: Maizuls M. The Mousetrap of Saint Joseph. The Medieval Image and Its Viewers. Moscow: Slovo, 2019. 400 p.


256–278 | Irina Kuvshinskaya
The Description of Rome from the Liber Chronicarum by Hartmann Schedel. A Translation and a Commentary


280–300 | Ekaterina Nosova, Dmitry Veber
Seals of the Queen of France Blanche of Navarre (1331–1398): A Study of the Iconography and the Pigments


302–314 | Grigorii Borisov
“West-European Manuscripts and Documents Dating from the Late Antiquity to the Early Modern Period”. A Report on a Conference