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Vox medii aevi. 2020. Vol. 1–2(6–7)

Variation. Individuality and Tradition in the Language of Middle Ages


11–12 | Svetlana Yatsyk

14–27 | Daria Glebova
Variation. Individuality and Tradition in Medieval Book Culture

28–75 | Mikhail Shumilin
Error vs Variant: The “New Philology”, Latin Studies, and the “Bad Language”

76–107 | Gleb Schmidt
Anatomy of the Prototext, or What Should Be the Purpose of the Critical Edition of Medieval Latin Texts in the Digital Age?

108–130 | Inna Matyushina
Manuscript Variation in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle:The Annals for 1069–1071

131–177 | Katherine A. Rush
Illuminating Queste: A Comparison of 14th-century French Manuscript Miniatures of the Vulgate Legend

178–228 | Andrey Denisov
Variations in Representation of Pillars of Hercules on Medieval Maps

229–251 | Masha Orlovskaia
Matronym as a Marker of Woman’s Reign in Old Norse Historical Narrative


253–265 | Ekaterina Antonets
Review on: Sidorov A.I. Books on History in the Carolingian Age in the Context of Frankish Book Culture (8–10 cc.). SPb.: Gumanitarnaya Akademia, 2015. 320 p. (Studia classica)

266–275 | Elena Marey
Review on: Braulionis Caesaraugustani Epistulae et Isidori Hispalensis Epistulae ad Braulionem. Braulionis Caesaraugustani Confessio uel Professio iudaeorum ciuitatis Toletanae / edd. R. Miguel Franco, J. C. Martín Iglesias (Corpus Christianorum Series Latina 114B). Turnhout: Brepols Publishers, 2018. 261* p., 167 р.

276–288 | Daniil Pleshak
Nikolay Bolgov, The Woman in Late Antiquity and The World of the Late Antiquity Series

289–295 | Denis Sukhino-Khomenko
Review on: Molyneaux G. The Formation of the English Kingdom in the Tenth Century. New York: Oxford University Press, 2015. XV + 302 p.

296–305 | Vladimir Tauber
Review on: Seregina A.Yu. London and the Reformation. Life of the English Capital in the Age of the Tudors, 1485–1603. SPb.: Eurasia, 2020. 320 p.